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You're Not Training Jiu-Jitsu Just For Yourself

May 10, 2024

I get it. After weeks, months, and years of training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, stepping on the mats can become...
Quite tiresome.

Motivation slowly disappears. Time becomes tight. Obligations pile up on top of each other.
And it turns increasingly difficult to keep training, day in and day out.

It happens to everyone, including me. Sometimes I don't feel like training, despite (or maybe exactly because of) having been training martial arts for several decades now, every since I was a child.
But, other than the usual "discipline is more important than motivation" advice, I'd like to offer you an alternative perspective.

A perspective of you're not training Jiu-Jitsu just for yourself.

You're not supposed to be on the mats just because you like doing it.
But you're supposed to be doing so also because other people benefit from your training.

And no, not just because you'll learn how to defend your loved ones if it comes to a self defense situation. Although the (self) confidence that comes with that is awesome as well.

But also - and even more so - because you're becoming healthier. Because you're becoming steadier in your thinking.
Because you're thinking more clearly, because you're feeling the sense of accomplishment and because your sense of self worth is rising. Because you're not as stressed out as you used to be without training... And so much more.

And guess what? None of this stays self-contained.
Its effects spill over on the people around you.

You lead by example and motivate them to become healthier themselves. To start thinking in clearer terms.
To start doing something that they will feel proud of, to feel better about themselves. To take care of their stress - and other things that mean a better, more fulfilled and more complete life.

Stop thinking that Jiu-Jitsu is just about you.
It is about you - but it's also because of all the people you're close with and surrounded by.

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