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#TechniqueTuesday - Understanding Headquarters

#techniquetuesday Jun 29, 2021

To be an effective passer, you must understand why we use certain positions like the headquarters position.

In this clip, I break down when to use it, why we use it, and apply it best.


A few key takeaways:

  • All techniques have a proper time and place. If they are attached to us and have grips, then use headquarters. If they are unattached, we want to first attack by passing to the outside. You must avoid giving your partner access to your leg when passing; use headquarters when the time is right.
  • Understand the ranges of the guard and how that influences your decisions. There are three layers: the feet, the knees, and the arms. Think of your passing game as a progression through these ranges rather than advancing against a particular guard.
  • You need to find your balance. When in headquarters, it's all about having a solid base and making your lower body connected to theirs. We make our lower body fit by closing the distance via small incremental steps, angles, and grips. We do not do this by leaning or driving in. A strong base sets you up to make intelligent decisions based on your opponent's guard tactics.

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