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#TechniqueTuesday - Passing options versus a pant leg grip

#techniquetuesday Jul 06, 2021

Don't ignore the pant grip: This is how you get swept, or even worse, submitted! 

Remember: if our default game isn't working, we can not be stubborn and force it. We must address the problem before we can advance.


Two ways to advance - break the grip and run, or get the head and flop


Option 1: Grip strip & basic outside pass

  • Make the DLR hook loose
    • Peel your heel back, straighten your leg, and push with your hand simultaneously
    • As soon as it is loose, you will be able to point your toes and knees towards their calf below the knee line.
  • Windshield wipe and pass details
    • Be sure to drop your back knee first so that you will have balance. Rushing this can make us light and put our weight too far forward in the transition.
    • After your back knee drops, you want to cut over the shin with a windshield wiper motion and then immediately step up on the back leg to help facilitate your outside passing movement.

Option 2: Grab the head & flop pass

  •  When do we this pass?
    • Great opportunity when your partner is starting to sit up, and you're unable to create enough slack to do our first option.
  • Leg position
    • We will turn our toes and knee in the opposite direction for this pass. Changing the direction of our feet will facilitate the backstep and help you land close to their body. 
  • How to extract the leg
    • Shoulder pressure is the key to finishing this pass. A lack of pressure will allow them to use their collar grip to move your base. This base will let you take the time to pull their legs toward you and free your leg from the pant grip.


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