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WNO: Rafael Lovato Jr. Taps Out Elder Cruz

competition rafael lovato jr. tournament wno May 19, 2023

Rafael Lovato Jr. has done it again!
As if winning the gold and bronze medals at the 2023 Brasileiros wasn't enough, he's now added yet another victory to the month of May; by beating Elder Cruz at a Who's Number One (WNO) event!

Lovato Jr. got the win after hitting a classic sweep from Closed Guard, taking the back, and then locking in the Rear Naked Choke.

Plus, he also won the Submission Of The Night prize!
Check out the winning sequence on the video below:

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And yes, in case you were wondering... Rafael will be coming back to compete at the Brasileiros again!
His goal was to win double gold this year:

I had 7 matches today; 6 wins, 4 submissions. And then I lost in the semifinals to a big boy, in the absolute (division).

I really felt like this was gonna be my day, the double gold, I've never double-golded in Brazil... But that's okay. I'll be back and try again.

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