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In BJJ (And Life), Mindset Is Everything...

advice mindset motivation Apr 13, 2023

... Okay, maybe not everything. But it sure is a lot.

For, once you get to a certain skill level at whatever it is that you do - be it Jiu-Jitsu, your career, or whatever else - the majority of results will reflect both the skills and the confidence you went into the "competition" with.

I know that first-hand. There's been some competitions, especially as I was coming up through the ranks, that I lost in the worst way possible.
And no, that worst way doesn't mean that I lost because of one submission or another. It means that I lost because I was doubting myself.



I used to second-guess my technique. And I used to put my opponents on a pedestal... Even though they weren't technically better than me.
The only thing they were better than me was when it came to their self-confidence. Which is why they would win and why I would lose.

So let me tell you something: without self-confidence, you won't achieve your goals. You can be the best in the world, but if you don't believe that - the world will never see it.

Therefore, start working on your mindset. For starters, stop talking negatively to yourself.
Whenever you notice that you're falling down that negative self-talk path, counter it with words of encouragement. Words of praise. Words, that will make you lift your chin up.

For, if you're putting in the work, you should feel good about yourself. Don't take that away from yourself.
And if you feel that you aren't working as hard as you should be... Well, do something about it.

Stay focused, work hard, and congratulate yourself for doing so. You deserve it.


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