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#1 BJJ Beginners Advice: Don't Stress (So Much) About Getting Better

Jun 23, 2024

As a BJJ beginner, the journey can be both exciting and overwhelming.

The mats are a place of constant learning, and it’s easy to get caught up in the desire to improve rapidly...
But here's a word of advice. Perhaps the most important piece of advice you should be aware of when you're a white belt.

Don't worry so much about getting better.



Sure, it's natural to feel the pressure to improve quickly and earn those stripes on your belt.
It comes with the territory and it's to be expected.

However, by focusing solely on progression, you'll surely lead yourself down the frustration road; especially when faced with the inevitable plateaus and challenges that are sure to make their mark on your journey.

This is why it's important that you try to shift your mindset.
Aim to view each training session as an opportunity to not just improve, but to also enjoy the art of BJJ.

Laugh at your mistakes, celebrate small victories, and enjoy the time spent with your training partners.
This positive approach not only makes training more enjoyable, but it will also help your longevity on the mats.



... While having fun is essential, it doesn't mean you should ignore the technical & self-improvement aspects of Jiu-Jitsu.
A balanced approach is best.

Dedicate time to study and understand techniques, attend classes regularly, and seek feedback from more experienced practitioners.
The more you learn, the more enjoyable BJJ becomes. And so the "having fun circle" keeps spinning.

By combining your love for the art with a commitment to learning, you will create a fulfilling and rewarding practice.
BJJ, like life, requires a balance of dedication and enjoyment.

Balance is key.

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