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Rafael Lovato Jr: How To Win

A never before seen online course, that takes you through the mindset, technique, and concepts of some of the biggest wins of World Champion - Rafael Lovato Jr.'s Career. It is the closest thing to Rafael Lovato Jr. mentoring you. 

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Yes I Want To Learn How To Win.

Do you want to know the key to winning?
It may not be what you think.

This course How To Win is different than any I have done in the past. It does have technique but it has so much more.

I love teaching technique, but my greatest passion when I work with my students is helping them process their journey and build a strong mindset that they can bring to the mats and into their everyday life.

I do this by sharing my own experience and the lessons I’ve learned after nearly two decades of Black Belt experience.

There isn’t a night that goes by where I don’t sit all of my students down at the end of class and have a “Mat Chat” with them.

This is why I am so excited for this project!

For the first time on video, I will be sharing much more than technique.

You will get to hear all the behind the scenes that went into all of my career defining moments, the strategy I had, the techniques that helped me be successful, and most of all, the lessons I learned both technical and mental.

I know that this is the most powerful product I have ever created and believe that it will make a lasting impact on your game and inspiration for your journey to being the best Black Belt you can be.

Looking forward to seeing you inside of How To Win. 


Rafael Lovato Jr.

Something Completely New

- Unique Content Formula

 This series follows a unique formula - Each episode starts off with a story or life event, then goes into the technical breakdown, and finishes with a Mat Chat on mindset, strategy, and emotion.  

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Opening Story

Each episode opens with a story and an event in my career. 

Technical Breakdown

Then we go through a technical breakdown of the moves in that match. 

Mat Chat

Finally we end with a Mat Chat about strategy, and mindset. 

8 Epic Episodes, Over 4 Hours of Film. 

The new How To Win course is the mindset, emotional space, physical preparedness, technique and conceptual understanding of key times I have won and what helped me get there and some losses too.

Each episode is conveniently timestamped, and quick linked so you can navigate the longer videos easily. 

You win - or you learn. 

Take a look at the modules below:
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This is a breakdown of each episode and what you will learn. 


Episode 1 - Budo Challenge
00:00 | 2005 Budo Challenge - Bringing out the submission-heavy competition.

05:32 | The bravo choke system and destroying the deep half guard.

26:18 | How to build your competition game and develop your funnel.


Episode 2 - Brasilero 2007
00:00 | Brasilero 2007 - conquering the Brazilian nationals and first win as a black belt.

08:02 | X Guard and Z Guard setups to sweep.

21:19 | How to develop your guard game and pick your grips.

Episode 3 The Power of Every Second - World 2007
00:00 | A lesson learned from defeat in 2007 ADCC to victory in the 2007 BJJ Worlds.

12:00 | Scissor sweep setups in combination with the omoplata.

25:42 | How to develop your combinations - Reading reactions, asking questions, and drilling with commitment.


Episode 4 - Dealing With Pressure 2008
00:00 | Dealing with pressure at the 2008 PanAm Championship.

11:14 | Triangle choke defense and the flower sweep.

25:31 | Managing your mindset during competition day and making gratitude your fuel.


Episode 5 - Applying Pressure - Metamoris 2012
00:00 | 2012 Metamoris - One of Lovato's finest performances and refocusing fitness training for competition. 

06:40 | Understanding how to transition body weight and Tomoe Nage follow-ups.

25:44 | How to keep the pressure on - Staying in shape and training hard both physically and mentally.


Episode 6 - Finding Your Fire - IBJJF Brasilerio 2013
00:00 | 2013 IBJJF Brasileiro reigniting the fire for competition by fighting in the motherland of BJJ.

05:20 | Escaping utilizing the knee cut to kimura.

16:55 | How to chain attacks by compressing and building fluidity.


Episode 7 - Finding the Positive - Torn Pec 2014
00:00 | 2014 - A year in physical and mental recovery after a lesson through a torn pec.

06:19 | Refocusing goals in training and competition after recovery.

08:57 | A setback becomes a great comeback to BJJ and MMA.


Episode 8 - Becoming Timeless - Euros 2022
00:00 | 2022 European BJJ - tackling high-level BJJ competition after a successful MMA career.

09:07 | The mounted arm bar using two attack variations.

The Closet Thing To World Champion Rafael Lovato Jr., as your mentor.


How To Win is a unique and new resource that focuses on all of the facets of winning on and off the mat. It's broken down into 8 Episodes of different matches or events - I won - or lost and everything that went into it. 

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